• PRO HUD2-1
  • PRO HUD2-2
  • PRO HUD3
  • ISO and 3-4Bet1
  • ISO and 3-4Bet2
  • ISO and 3-4Bet3
  • Jam
  • OpenRaise-Coldcall1
  • OpenRaise-Coldcall2
  • Limps1
  • Limps2
  • Limp Pot
  • Bet1
  • Bet2
  • Raise, XR
  • CBet ISO
  • CBet Open Raise
  • CBet 3Bet
  • vs CBet L-C
  • vs CBet Coldcall
  • vs CBet 3B call
  • Calls and Folds1
  • Calls and Folds2
  • General

ShortDeck PRO


The pack was developed by a professional 6+ Holdem player taking into account the features of this game type. Considered a variety of multiway pots (up to 6 players involved) both preflop and postflop. Thanks to this, you will always have information on your opponents in every possible game line. The package is suitable for Range Research field analysis as well.

HUD and popups are constantly being developed and improved. You will be receiving all updates and notes to them.

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